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This program is supported by a grant from The Chicago Community Trust.


Middle School Programs

Middle School Programs

For middle school students, JTBF has a summer program and supplemental school year programs which introduce simple legal concepts and plant the seed that the legal profession is attainable.

Working in conjunction with the staff and students of Walker Mill Middle School in Maryland, the Middle School Law Camp was piloted as a two day program consisting of exercises on basic legal reasoning, case analysis, negotiations, and oral advocacy skills. The goal, to provide students the opportunity to; visit a local federal court to observe proceedings, participate in a scripted mock trial, and meet with judges and other legal professionals dedicated to encouraging young people. This summer (2009) the Middle School Law Camp a full week of programming.  

Throughout the year, the middle school students are invited to participate in periodic educational programs and e-mentoring with an older student and / or legal professional.